Indian Creek Zoo is a contributing member of the Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group.

(MFG) protects the rich biodiversity of eastern Madagascar through conservation, research, education, and capacity building.

You will find both ring-tailed lemurs and a red ruffed lemur at our zoo. We enjoy educating zoo visitors about lemurs. Red Ruffed Lemurs are critically endangered due to their habitats being destroyed as well as predators, hunting, and even illegal pet trade. 

We are happy to contribute to Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group so the efforts to protect these primates can continue.

Giraffes, the world’s tallest mammal is a vulnerable species facing habitat loss and poaching. During our 2021 season, we will be collecting donations for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

It’s not well known that giraffes are an endangered species in Africa. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation provides innovative approaches to save giraffes in the wild. They are a leader in supporting a sustainable future for giraffes in their natural habitats. The GCF raises awareness and support towards securing a future for giraffes and the conservation of their habitat in Africa. With your help, we can support these global efforts by the GCF.